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Thursday, January 14, 2010

30 weeks

7 months & counting
so the date is def getting close
im def getting scared
def getting fatter ughhhh :/
added another name again
Kaiden Xavier-Daniel B.


okay so january 15 is a great day for a few reasons
my sisters bday
its friday!!!
but best of all my gma is relocating to va!!!!

im too siced for her to leave but trust i have my reasons
old ppl are annoying but she takes to a whole nother level
like shes never been in my life never been a granmother to me
but i mean she coulda fixed it, attempted to make some type of relationship
like she does no grandmother things never bakes applepies for me or nothing
like i know that prolly sound petty but idc she jus hasnt proven herself as a gma to me
i tried but hey thats life
i dnt blame her though
she dont know how to be a mom
so being a gma has to be crazy for her
so tomorrow will be complete joy for me =)

rain leads to rainbows..

If you can learn 2 appreciate the rain, u will ABSOLUTELY love the rainbow!!!

i love this qoute its not mine though all revrun<<<

i can relate to this in so many ways
@ times things may seem like there at there worst but eventually things will get better and the rainbow will soon shine!

god never gives you more than you can handle

@ the end of the day it'll be worth everything you went thru it