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Monday, June 14, 2010


if you want things to change do things differently.
you cant do better if you dont change what you've been doing.
simple as that.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

who are you?!

so there was this guy right
a friend or w.e.
slight intrest nothing too serious
but anywho he was very diff than most dudes
didnt watch sports
didnt play sports
didnt party too much
& had problems expressing love
wierd but him.
but my has dude changed.
hes now a die heart sports fan
& throws around the L word so easy!
its crazy bc i know thats not him
but hey maybe i opened him up
taught him a few things lol
i'll take the credit...
long as hes happy
i am =)


so ima lakers fan
team kobe & gasol
i love them
so far were 2-2 with the gay celtics
but no worries we will win the ship
kobe will have his 5th ring!


So i recently got my iud
its a contraceptive that is put in the uterus
i cant get pregnant for 7 yrs now!
i can get it removed if i want though

i was really scared to get it (i watched videos on youtube)
but it was nothing quick n painless
def worth it
no more babies!

new tattoo

ooo i gotta new tattoo today

its a 4 leaf clover butterfly wit kai's name

i got it bc i had him on st patricks day

its #8 so im done now

no more tattoos.

im backkkk


ive been mia for a while now

hence the new baby

kai keeps me busy.

kai will be 3 months on thursday. time is flying

he got his shots last month. i cried =(

hes soooo big now @ chocolatey lol

he smiles & laughs now

hes spolied too

but hes a good boy though

such a mommas boy already

i love him!