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Saturday, February 27, 2010


okay so im do in 4 weeks

i already have my whole name picked out

but i cant think of a nickname

Kaiden Xavier-Daniel B.

any ideas???!!!!

bff baby boy

so my bestfriend had her baby boy wednesday feburary 23, 2010
Keion Tyree
hes adorable!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


my baby boy will be here in six more weeks
34 weeks today
so ready for him to be here!
baby shower saturday
wooohooo its almost over!!!

jus a reminder

i dont curse forreal
maybe in a txt on fb or twitter
but no slip ups forreal.

i dont mind other ppl cursin i mean thats really not my concern nor my business
but what i do mind is ppl cursin AT ME!
callin me a BIT** will never be acceptable EVER!

watch what you say #imjustsayin...

jus cause

is one wrong worse than the next?

a wrong is a wrong no matter what but some are just easier to face.

forgetting what size she wears vs forgetting her bday BIG DIFFERENCE.

we've been thru our ups and downs

good times & bad times

& still managed to hold on

never walking away

but i get it though...

i understand your feelings are hurt.

i couldnt even imagine how i would feel.
but you accepting it means everything.

to still have you around
being there for me
giving me all your love
is all i could ask for.

so lucky to have you
cant imagine it any other way.
i love you babe.
forever & ever.

Friday, February 12, 2010


i wish i was more comfortable with this situation

like im completly accepting of it i mean i dnt have a choice

but damn i really wish i was the least bit comfortable wit it

but hey ima jus perfect being fake about it all for >HIM<

cause he's all that matters. Kaiden!