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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Kaiden's godmommy g & auntie steph!
its crazy how much these 2 influenced my son being here today.
Steph has been there since the day of conception #nonasty lol.
Really tho. She was the first there once the scare came about.
Throughout the planb the doctors appts & delivery.
Although it wasn't much she could say to lighten the situation
or change it for what it was
she was there, wiping my every tear.
Lending her shoulder for me to lean on.
Assisting in my random food cravings (cheddar & jalapeno waffles & fried chicken from ketchup. lls amazing!!!)
& supporting me thru whatever choices i made.
Then came g.
i swear other than my parents she was the one i was most scared of telling.
i didn't tell her right away but the timing was as good as ever.
G was honest with me abt the situation & what she believed in & hoped I'd do
but never forced anything on me.
she listened & understood from both perspectives.
The most important thing she did was
convince me too talk to my parents.
If it wasn't for that phone call with her i honestly would not have talked to them.
Kaiden wouldn't be here.
I cant thank her enough.
The both of them.
For being so supportive & never judging me.
I love you both dearly & you mean the world to both me & Kaiden!
-im such a sap i just teared up writing this! lls
--& peep the title lls 'he's gonna hurt your feelings'
lol how far we've came...

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