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Thursday, July 21, 2011


do social networks really kill relationships?!
or do ppl kill relationships.?!
ppl see what they want to see
no matter what you meant the person is goin to take it how they want
if you go digging you gonna find dirt"
you will alwaysssssss find something simply bc you are looking.
alotta things ppl say on these social networks are things that you wouldnt say aloud.
this is where everyone vents & speaks indirectly.
these words are commonly misconstrued.
every single thought is not meant to be spoken.
thats where social networks come in
they allow you to jus ramble on all you thoughts and opinions.
its human nature to over analyze things from time to time.
we all read into tweets/txts/statuses.
i wouldnt blame the social networks for this but perhaps not following one another on them can prevent such issues...maybe not.

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