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Saturday, October 17, 2009


long time no blog...kinda busy with commuting this year & all....

anywho i finally started my practicum for my education major & i love it

im like a teacher assistant for this kindergarten class. the kids are sooo cute

there not really bad but this one girl Oooemmgee she blows my days but overall its great & i cant wait too teach!

ughhh bio suckssss i hate it!!! i literally study nonstop i fall asleep with my bio book like when will it get easier cause i def need an A!

omg i hate that the closest wingzone to my house is in clinton they def dont deliver to me!

my ex is the most awesome-est person ever & i love him sooooo much!

homecoming this year...well i didnt go but the weather sucked so i can imagine how it went....

think im gaining a little weight

done rambling now

blog later....

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