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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

love in love or just lust???

knowing the difference between the three, love, lust, and being in love saves alot of unnecessary heartbreak. the differences are major although sometimes one may lead to the other. me myself, ive been in love once. my ex. loving someone is simply a natural care for that person. love is an emotional attachment. this love can be between friends family or pets. we all love and ive loved many times. im a naturally caring person and to me love its simply caring for someone beyond measures. having alot of love for that person. nothing more nothing less. you love someone because of how you feel, your in love with someone because of how they make you feel. just because you love someone doesnt mean your in love with them. it may seem cliche but when your in love you just know. sometimes you cant even answer as to why your in love with that person. its just because he makes you happy, the devotion to always be there for that person, and no matter what love them for who they are. an infatuation. you never second guess that fact that your in love you feel it each and every day. no one makes you happier. if for some reason the relationship doesnt work and you move on you will always love that person and continue to be there for them. being in love forms unbreakable bonds. lust is being strongly attracted to that person physically or emotionally. when you like someone alot. lust sometimes leads to love which can then lead to falling in love but lust and love can fade away where as if your are/were in love the love will always remain. its too easy to walk away...i may have lost the one i love, my crush/lust, but the one person i feel in love with is still there and i love him for that...

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