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Monday, September 7, 2009

damn thats tough...

okay so when you mess up does that mean you have to sit back and take it when someone does the same?
like i kno i fucked up and i admit it but wtf can i do now? i cant do anything im pregnant im having a baby in march i cant change it.
but its like when/ if you love someone like truely love someone you dont move on within hours, days, nor weeks. it takes time. how the hell do you have a new future in a week like are you serious??? n i kno if you love someone you wouldnt hurt them n im so regretful sorry and remorseful for doing so but it still remains that i cant do anything about it. ive been through the long term relationship i know how it is to be hurt/get hurt n still love that person. its not easy to let go of something if you really fell that way about them. working through hard times only makes relationships stronger. but who wants to look dumb right?

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