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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

to stay or go?

walking away is both easy & hard to do. easy in that the simpliest things can cause ppl to walk away & hard bc its not what we want to do but what you have to do. your suppose to be able to work through the heartache & still be there for one another in order to make the relationship stronger. sometimes fighting for love gets hard. it seems pointless at times.

how do you walk away from six yrs??? i tried. im so used to him that i feel incomplete without him. part of me's missing when hes not here. its crazy cause im the one who made it this way but i dont even think i can deal with it anymore. things changed & honestly it'll never be the same again. right now it jus seems best to let go but /we've been too strong for too long & i cant live without you babe/ lying to myself i aint going nowhere but somethings gotta give!

/we dont see eye to eye no more. i know love aint fair, i know it aint perfect....a part of me's scared a part of me's searching./

/for w.e. might of been, & all that it never was, w.e i couldnt see, & all that i didnt want/

as long as your trying ima

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