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Friday, July 24, 2009

i found this paper about me when i searched my name on google

So i found this paper about me when i searched my name on google i knew this girl in like the sixth grade and havent talked to her since its kinda funny though:

Melissa Belk
7th period


In the September of 2001, I was eleven years old, and the most frightening thought in my mind was of beginning middle school. I would be attending Graham Park Middle School in the fall, and I didn’t know what I was going to do with all those classes and all those teachers and all those people. I was scared of being overwhelmed and lost in the crowd. I was very shy, but I knew that if I made just one new friend, that I would be alright. Thankfully, during the first week I met Kennycia Harriston. Kennycia had just moved to the county and was as nervous as I was about being in a new school; we became each others support and confidant. For whatever reason, I felt like I could tell her all my fears about my academics and my place in this seemingly huge school, and she told me everything about where she used to live and how life was so different in Virginia. We were very young, but we connected immediately and became best friends.
Kennycia was my first best friend. I had friends, but I valued none more then the rest. With Kennycia, I needed her more then I needed my other friends. I felt that she “got” in a way no one else did. We loved talking on the phone and our favorite hang out was the Cavalier skating rink in Stafford. However, as the months passed, we discovered things we didn’t like about each other. I learned that Kennycia could be very mean spirited and bossy she would constantly say things that hurt my feelings. For example, one time in our science class, I remember Kennycia asking me to get her textbook for her in a rude tone.
“I am working could you just get it yourself,” I asked.
“Melissa, please,” Kennycia begged.
“Fine,” I then walked to the shelves, but I could not see hers any where so I went back to my seat.
“I didn’t see it,” I told Kennycia.
“What! Are you kidding me, it was right in front of your face!”
“Well I couldn’t find it,”
“Oh my God you’re so stupid,” I felt like Kennycia disrespected me by the way she spoke to me. Also, she realized I didn’t have a lot of time for her and couldn’t dedicate my whole life to our friendship. Kennycia would get extremely angry when we couldn’t hang out and it showed me how selfish she was, and that she didn’t really care about me.
Eventually Kennycia and I grew apart, but we grew up, too. I learned a lot from Kennycia, I realized I couldn’t let people take advantage of me or walk all over me. I was still very grateful to Kennycia for her friendship that year; I don’t know what I would have done without her. Our friendship meant a lot to me, but when we stopped being friends, I was able to finally see myself as an individual and focus on my own needs, not the needs of others. To this day, I am extremely proud that I am not one of the “crowd,” I am Melissa. I’m unique, and I found that out through the friendship, Kennycia and I had.

>>>Lol i am so not mEan & BoSSy<<<

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