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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

my names kennycia & im impulsive: lol

So basically im just trying something new out.
Another reason to be on the computer all day.

so life gets more confusing day by day. I'm learning new things about myself. like how impulsive i am. i like to do what ever i want to when ever i want to. sometimes i act upon my emotions. i get whatever i want allllll the time. i randomly get piercings and tattoos. one day i said i wanted my lip pierced, got it pieced the next day. i cut n dye my hair whenever i get bored. i have seven tattoos most of them UNplanned. so now im seeing how me being impulsive can jeopardize and even ruin certain things in my life.....well not really only when i decide im ready for a relationship. lol but honestly all in all i dont have a problem with me be quote on quote impulsive. my lifes fun. i enjoy it one hundred percent. if i wasnt "impulsive" as i am i think my life would SUCK! of course being impluse has its faults but we all make mistakes.
my names Kennycia, and im impulsive

lol. i love my life....oh btw LIP RINGS GONE NOW after like only a month i kinda want it back =(

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