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Friday, July 17, 2009

yellow roses w/ red tips.....

so this is my favorite rose/flower. a yellow rose with red tips. feelings and emotions are expressed through flowers. ever flower as well as its color has a meaning. a rose means love, passion, and/or perfection. a single rose is normally sent with a note. white normally saying im sorry, black saying its OVER, red being being a message of love and so on. a thorn-less rose means love at first sight. two roses intertwined mean marriage proposal. Dead Roses always mean its OVER. /thats tough i'd be in my feelings if a dude gave me dead roses lol/ a dozen of roses mean there are dozens of ways i care for you. two dozen roses means i think about you 24 hours of the day. red, yellow, pink, and white roses are the most common. red of course mean love respect and compassion. yellow means friendship and caring. pink roses mean affection flirtation and admiration. white roses symbolize truth and innocence; worth of. a yellow rose with red tips signifies friendship falling in love.
^^^i want some of these!!!^^^

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