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Thursday, July 16, 2009

so theres this guy......

so this dude...his names S.C.S..... i met him at this party for a dude i used to talk >ironic< and my friend talk to his LB. He's pretty cool kinda like the perfect one or whatever. well maybe not perfect, perfection cant be achieved but the "right" guy. everything and everyone has their flaws. i accept his;he accept mines. He's funny, intellectual, talented, & patient. but hes a different type of guy though definitely not the average. like its just something about him or everything about him that interests me. idk its wierd because i wasnt expecting it to go this way. but i kinda lost control. & now its at the point where everything is all confusing. like i like him ALOT. i love him or but idk im jus so confused about what i want. like i dont know if im ready or not. i honestly think i'll mess it up. >its not always RainBowS &and ButtErFliEs its CoMpromiSe< maroon5. like i dont know if im ready to be in a relationship right now with so many distractions. like i dont want to take the risk of ruining everything between us like even as jus friends but i dont want to miss out on something so awesome. idk what do say or think.

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